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Washington Business Journal Highlights CareerScope

Thrilled to see Jamie McIntyre, CEO of CareerScope, featured in the Washington Business Journal discussing how the “Bethesda ed-tech Vocational Research Institute rebuilds its career assessment tool for a new generation.” Access the full article here. About the business: Vocational Research Institute is a software-as-a-service company that specializes in career development and whose main product, […]

The 10-Minute AI Challenge

Introduction You’ve heard about it. You’ve read the content created by it (even if you don’t realize it). Your kids are using it. Yet many of you still haven’t given it a shot. Bonus: It’s free to try out. As professionals navigating an ever-changing business environment, it’s crucial to stay open-minded, curious, and willing to explore […]

CareerScope Team Insights from Our CTE Webinar

In honor of CTE Month, we hosted a panel discussion to learn about innovative ways CTE programs prepare students for today’s complex and ever-changing world of work.  Here are some key takeaways that our CareerScope team gained from the conversation. Thanks to Mary Beth Smith, Ariana Ramirez, Joy MacMillan and Craig Wilkinson for sharing your […]

Rethinking CTE to Meet Today’s Labor Market | February Webinar

Rethinking CTE to Meet Today’s Labor Market | CareerScope Webinar In honor of CTE Month, watch our webinar and panel discussion to learn more about how CTE programs prepare students for today’s complex and ever-changing world of work.  CTE is good for students, good for businesses, and good for communities. Key discussion points included: -An […]

Top 5 List of Excellent Qualities for Mentors and Mentees

January is National #Mentoring Month According to, “Mentoring provides meaningful connections that impact the people involved and influence their lives at home, at work, and in their communities.” Here are some insights for success on both sides of the mentoring relationship: What are some qualities of an effective mentor? They have been in “places” that you […]

Why Employers Should Hire Veterans – Webinar Insights

Why Employers Should Hire Veterans – Insights from Our November Webinar Krista Biesecker, Director of Marketing & Communications, CareerScope I recently moderated a discussion on how companies can expand their talent pipeline with Veterans, and after hearing the insights and commitment from our panelists, I’m even more eager to spread the word about why Veterans […]

I asked AI the meaning of life

“Thought” experiment Ok.  This is me (Jamie), attempting to explain in this paragraph what you’ll be reading in the rest of this post.  There is a new chat-bot powered by artificial intelligence that’s burning some serious silicon with over a million people testing it out.  I will ask the AI to introduce themselves in a moment.  I […]