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CareerScope Recommendation Engine

CareerScope's assessment analyzes an individual job seeker's unique interests and aptitudes to recommend careers where they have the most potential for success.

Results are delivered through our Client Assessment Report, designed with your job seeker in mind.

We also provide career counselors with a Counselor Assessment Report which contains far more detail behind what factors the assessment uses to create the results so that the counselor can modify recommendations based on their best judgement.

Career Recommendation Datasources

CareerScope career recommendations draw on the widest universe of possible (about 13,000) occupations and job titles. This gives you and your job seeker a robust set of career options to explore together.

Our sources include:

U.S. Dept. of Labor: GOE/DOT Classification

Maximizes the benefit of the full interest spectrum

U.S. Dept. of Labor: O*NET Database

Directly ties to the Department of Labor classification structure

U.S. Dept. of Education: Career Cluster/Pathway Database

Industry-specific clusters, pathways, and specialties

Finding the right fit

The goal is to help people discover the path to a career that best fits them – what they enjoy doing and what they have the ability to learn.

Using our sources above, CareerScope generates a master list of all career options that meet or exceed your client’s aptitudes across 6 categorizes.

Our platform then sorts, filters, and highlights based on 12 interest areas, and their level at each of their top interests.

Trusted Across Industries

CareerScope Reports have been used in court cases and legal proceedings, have helped organizations fulfill state educational standards and requirements, and have been an integral part of career exploration funding requirements for over 25 years.