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Matching job seekers to careers by discovering what they do best.

CareerScope is the most widely-used aptitude and interest assessment platform, serving 1,000+ organizations and millions of job seekers.

Who are you exploring CareerScope for?

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An essential ingredient in your career guidance toolkit

CareerScope is an assessment tool for career advisors that allows you to measure your clients’ unique abilities and interests to design optimal career pathways. What they discover through CareerScope expands possibilities in ways that ignites new levels of confidence and excitement for you and your job seeker, together.

How CareerScope works

The CareerScope assessment blends interest and aptitude scoring, and applies this scoring to extensive career databases to give career seekers best-fit career recommendations.

CareerScope Aptitude Exercises

Measure a job seeker’s potential to learn specific tasks, regardless of existing skills or experience. Aptitude measurement is one way to predict career pathway success through an objective understanding of a job seeker’s fundamental strengths and abilities.. Your client completes 7 modules that evaluate how well they understand patterns, attention to detail, written language, math, forms, and shapes.

CareerScope Interest Inventory

Measures what sparks job seekers’ enthusiasm, curiosity, and motivation. It consists of 141 questions tied to 12 interest areas.
Specifically, you learn:

  • What fields they are drawn to, such as business, artistic fields, science, or manufacturing.
  • What roles they are drawn to, such as leadership, sales, or hands-on production.
  • How they like to work with others. For example, do they see themselves as service providers supporting or protecting people, administrators crunching numbers or organizing paperwork, or as hands-on workers, rolling up their sleeves and building things?

CareerScope’s Best-Fit Career Recommendations

combine the blended assessment results and career options using the most comprehensive national databases of career opportunities to give you — the career advisor — clarity and confidence while advising your client.

Our Career Counselor Portal gives you and your colleagues the ability to manage individual assessments and view individual results, reports, and career recommendations. CareerScope’s platform analyzes a person’s specific interests and aptitudes to recommend careers and specific jobs titles where they have the most potential for success.


We know our science works

For more than 60 years, CareerScope has been the most widely-used, research-driven aptitude and interest assessment, serving thousands of organizations and the millions of people they serve. Founded in 1963 as the Vocational Research Institute, we have spent decades developing solutions that enhance career and educational planning, improve employability, and result in better opportunities and more positive outcomes for individuals.

We are the most widely used assessment in these social sectors:

One powerful platform serving many sectors and populations.


CareerScope helps students create a path to career success

Workforce Development

CareerScope leads youth & adult job-seekers to long-term employment opportunities

Vocational Rehabilitation

CareerScope is the first step to helping individuals to enter or return to the workforce


CareerScope helps adults and youth to prepare for reentry into the workforce

Veterans and Military

CareerScope helps veterans and active service members to enter or return to the workforce

CareerScope is right for you if...

Your professional role:

Career Counselor
Job Developer
Transition Coordinator
Vocational Evaluator
Case Manager
Student Advisor

Your clients are:

In career transition
Military veterans
Returning from Incarceration
Special needs, IEP, or neurodivergent

Your clients struggle with:

Lack of skills or experience
Career direction
Life stability
Mental or physical hardship
Limited social network


Register below to get access to the CareerScope "simulator" to get a clearer understanding of how our assessment works. ​


Ideas to cultivate your professional development

Interest + aptitude = best predictor of success.