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Washington Business Journal Highlights CareerScope

Thrilled to see Jamie McIntyre, CEO of CareerScope, featured in the Washington Business Journal discussing how the “Bethesda ed-tech Vocational Research Institute rebuilds its career assessment tool for a new generation.”

Access the full article here.

About the business: Vocational Research Institute is a software-as-a-service company that specializes in career development and whose main product, CareerScope, is an interest and aptitude assessment that’s been taken more than 1 million times. The company, led by CEO Jamie McIntyre, employs 10 people, but serves 1,000-plus customers, which are largely government agencies and companies that specialize in workforce development, particularly for veterans, incarcerated individuals and students. How it started: The company was founded in Philadelphia in 1963 under the umbrella of Jewish Employment & Vocational Services, which created a paper-based career assessment. As the years went on, the Vocational Research Institute transitioned to a bulky, computer-like machine called Apticom that salespeople would lug all around the country.