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Corrections & Reentry

The CareerScope aptitude test helps adults and youth in correctional settings select the most appropriate education or training program to prepare for reentry into the workforce and their communities.

Education Programs

Providing returning citizens with education and training increases their employment opportunities and helps reduce the likelihood of recidivism. CareerScope uses the individual’s specific interest and aptitude profile to recommend the most relevant education or training path.

Reentry Programs

Reentry programs give returning citizens opportunities to support themselves through legitimate and productive work. CareerScope identifies occupations, job titles, and training paths where the individual has the highest likelihood of success based on the overlap of their interests and aptitudes.
"We always start with the CareerScope assessment. It allows us to see offenders’ interests and strengths. We combine this information with their education and work history to develop vocational trade career pathways to help them secure a job upon release."
Jessica Evans, Department Specialist
Michigan Department of Corrections

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