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CareerScope Simulator

Try the CareerScope assessment before you buy it by test-driving how it works below.

Discover why the combination of interest + aptitude is the best way to predict career pathway success.


Your Interests

(watch 30-second video)

To begin the assessment, you will answer 141 questions by clicking Like, Unsure, or Dislike based on how interested you are in assorted work activities. The video above gives you a preview (no sound).


Your Aptitude

Click to open window

(try 7 practice questions)

Next, you will complete 7 exercises, with 30 questions each. Click the button above to try out 7 sample aptitude questions.


Sample Report

Finally, you will get your CareerScope Recommendation Report, connecting your unique profile to 55,000 job titles across 1,000+ occupations. Click “>” to see sample results.

“CareerScope has the remarkable ability to shift job seekers’ mindsets from fear to possibility in an instant. It gives you a new perspective on career opportunities that you may never have considered.”

~ Kristine Ringsrud, SkillSource
CareerScope customer since 2002

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