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CareerScope helps students create a path to career success with recommendations that are the foundation for setting education and work goals.

Our platform helps counselors and advisors to help students build a foundation by identifying education, training, and career pathways that will ultimately lead to successful employment. We do so by allowing you to measure both interest and aptitude through objective, valid, and reliable assessments.


Educators use CareerScope in the following ways

Career and Technical Education

For students who are on a school-to-work path, CareerScope facilitates placement into job shadowing, work-based learning, and apprenticeships.

Transition Planning, IEP, and Special Education

CareerScope’s individualized results support IEP development as well as post-secondary transition planning in special education.

Career Pathway & Course Selection

CareerScope helps with declaring a high school pathway or choosing courses that fit a potential career path, by providing recommendations based on a student’s specific interests and aptitudes.

Career Development Portfolios

It’s never too early to start the career exploration process! With scoring norms from 8th grade to adult, CareerScope is a great first step to discovering potential paths to future careers.

College Advising / Career Services

CareerScope results are valuable for First-Year Experience programs, major/minor selection, and placement in cooperative employment and internships, resulting in improved retention and graduation rates, and optimal career outcomes.
"I have been administering the CareerScope assessment for nearly 15 years. The platform is extremely user friendly, both the administrative and the student side. The options within the reporting structure allow the counselors to provide detailed and personalized information while focusing on student strengths."
Rachel Kerrigan, School Counselor
Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School

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