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CareerScope in Vocational Rehabilitation

CareerScope is the first step to helping individuals with injuries or disabilities to enter or return to the workforce by identifying careers that match their interests and aptitudes.

Return-to-Work Plans

Plans are individually tailored to assist the injured worker in returning to suitable employment, whether it’s the same job or a new one

Job Training / Placement

We identify occupations, job titles, and training paths where the job-seeker has the highest likelihood of success based on their interests and aptitudes.

Veterans & Service Members

We help thousands of veterans, active service members, and their dependents to enter or return to the workforce.

What People Say

CareerScope is the assessment of choice for thousands of rehabilitation professionals

"We use CareerScope with our adult and student populations. We find it easy to use and the recommendations have become part of many career exploration activities. In addition, the aptitude results help people to understand that they have their own unique set of talents that can be useful in a variety of occupations. Your organization has been a wealth of information through the years."
Carol H Newberry, MS, CESP,

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