Find Your Perfect Career!

Our CareerScope Assessment Will Get You Started.

Find Your Perfect Career!

The CareerScope Assessment Will Get You Started.

Welcome to your CareerScope Assessment: The ultimate guide to determine your perfect career. Whether you’re looking for your first job, changing your path, or you’re a student wondering what you should study, CareerScope will help you make the most informed decision about your professional future.

1 Million+ People Served

Proof is in the numbers: CareerScope is the leading assessment for millions of career seekers like you. 

60 Years of Service

CareerScope is a service of the Vocational Research Institute, delivering career planning services since 1963.

1,000+ Career Options

CareerScope connects your unique profile to a database of more than 55,000 job titles across 1,000+ occupations.

With you every step of the way

Follow these steps to discover your path with CareerScope.

1. Activate CareerScope

Order your CareerScope assessment and start now or later. 

2. Take the Assessment

The CareerScope assessment has 2 parts: Interest Inventory and Aptitude Exercises. Plan about 1 hour to complete the assessment. 

3. Get Your Career Recommendation Report

Our technology blends your interest and aptitude scores to present all of your best-fit career options in the CareerScope Assessment Report.

Why do many job searches fail? You don’t know what you don’t know. Your tendency may be to look at careers that you already know about, or your parents’ occupations, or what’s common in your community. These jobs may not be right for you. CareerScope uses 60 years of data-backed science to match your unique profile to 1,000+ career options.

CareerScope helps you discover what you really want to do and where you’re most likely to succeed

Anyone can fulfill a job. We make sure your job fulfills you.

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