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CareerScope Success Story: SkillSource

Kristine Ringsrud, System Administrator at SkillSource in the state of Washington shares her CareerScope success story. 

SkillSource has been a CareerScope customer since 2002, delivering more than 18,000 assessments to job seekers in the wake of job loss trauma.


“Our clients arrive at SkillSource seeking help with employment, often grappling with overwhelming fear. They’ve recently lost their job. The suddenness of these losses catches them off guard, leaving them unprepared to change jobs or careers. Faced with uncertainty, they feel paralyzed, consumed by fear and lacking direction.

This is precisely why they seek our assistance, and our starting point is always the CareerScope assessment. Witnessing their transformation following the CareerScope assessment is one of the best parts of my job. 

CareerScope is so powerful. 

CareerScope has the remarkable ability to shift their mindset from fear to possibility in an instant. It gives our clients a new perspective on career opportunities that they may have never considered before. 

Essentially, CareerScope helps individuals who are frozen and fearful about unemployment to completely reshape their sense of self and cultivate hope for the future

This newfound hope becomes the catalyst they need to overcome shock in order to take proactive steps toward securing their next job.”