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CareerScope Podcast – Why Unaudited AI is Bad AI

Welcome to the CareerScope Podcast, your gateway to exploring the dynamic landscape of career counseling. In this episode, Amanda Steinberg engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Gemma Galdon Clavell, PhD, the CEO and founder of Together, they delve deep into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and workforce development, shedding light on its promises, challenges, and ethical implications.

CareerScope Success Story: SkillSource

Kristine Ringsrud, System Administrator at SkillSource in the state of Washington shares her CareerScope success story.  SkillSource has been a CareerScope customer since 2002, delivering more than 18,000 assessments to job seekers in the wake of job loss trauma. *** “Our clients arrive at SkillSource seeking help with employment, often grappling with overwhelming fear. They’ve […]

Get the Guide: Career Counseling in the Year 2034

CareerScope is proud to announce our first of many guides to prepare you for the future of career counseling. Download the guide here: Career Counseling in 2034, Technology Guide. Join us on this imaginative journey to the year 2034 to discover what the career planning profession might look like in the future. Consider this: ➜ […]

Top 10 Apps for Career Development

As we head into the end of the year and begin thinking about plans for next year, tools can make a big difference in tracking our goals and actions. Here are some of our top career development and growth apps. Add your favorites in the comments! Top 10 Apps for Career Development Headspace – we know […]

Key Career Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Finding the right career resources for individuals with disabilities can be critical for their success and empowerment in the job market. There are several key resources and platforms designed to support job seekers with disabilities. “In 2022, about 21 percent of people with a disability in the U.S. were employed, up from about 19 percent […]

Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Provide More than Career Counseling

Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency designed to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment. These agencies offer services like career counseling, job training, and workplace accommodation guidance. We want to highlight the great work of select agencies across the country. We value our partnerships with VR agencies and help maximize the efficiency and […]

Counselors Recommend: 5 Key Activities When Returning to the Workforce

Re-entering the workforce can be a daunting task. Whether people have taken time off to raise children, travel, recover from an illness, or for any other reason, jumping back into the job market can be challenging. Counselors recommend several strategic activities to boost skills, understanding, and value to potential employers. Investing in these actions can […]

5 Ways to Reduce Career Counselor Overwhelm

Overwhelm, burnout, stress… they’re part and parcel to most jobs these days. Even with all this promise of automation and AI, the reality on the ground is that all these systems and technologies have only increased demand for data, reporting, and process.  It’s not sustainable. You can only do your best work when you are […]

Top STEM Careers Pursued Through Alternative Pathways

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) careers are known for their innovation, dynamism, and increasingly for their flexibility in entry pathways. While many STEM careers traditionally require a college degree, there’s a growing number of roles that can be pursued through apprenticeships, certifications, or specific training programs.  Here’s a list of some top STEM careers […]

CareerScope Announces New President

Please join us at CareerScope in welcoming our new President, Amanda Steinberg. Amanda’s career in workforce development began 25 years ago as the founder of a digital skills job training school in Harlem. She discovered then what remains true at CareerScope today: helping job seekers succeed is the greatest service. She has built multiple software […]

Top Trends in Career Counseling Heading into 2024

At CareerScope, we understand the value of school and career counselors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment of school and career counselors and advisors is projected to grow 5 percent from 2022 to 2032, faster than the average for all occupations. With the rise in career options, there has been an increase in the […]

Spotlight on California Workforce Boards & Their Role in Shaping Workforce Trends

With September being Workforce Development Month, this is a perfect time to highlight the pivotal role and initiatives of California Workforce Boards (CWB) in workforce development.  We wanted to highlight specific actions by individual workforce boards that underscore California’s progressive approach. Understanding the Role of California Workforce Boards (CWB) The CWB serves as an essential bridge, linking […]

What Makes a Resume Stand Out Today?

It is important to understand the evolution of resumes and how they reflect broader shifts in the job market and technological landscape. The most effective resumes today combine clear, concise content with innovative formats and a personalized touch, offering a holistic view of the candidate’s capabilities and potential value to employers. Here are ways they […]

5 Ways Workforce Development Programs Support Those in Transition

Many of our Workforce Development partners and counselors utilize CareerScope as a first step in the career planning process. In celebration of Workforce Development Month, we wanted to highlight the breadth of programs in place to support individuals in transition and recognize the value these programs bring. Workforce development programs equip individuals with the necessary […]

CareerScope Success Story from Morgan’s Counseling and Testing Services

We reached out to our counselors and asked them to share a Success Story about their clients and how CareerScope has positively impacted them. Recently, Wendell “Scott” Morgan, CEO, Morgan’s Counseling and Testing Services, shared a powerful Success Story. CareerScope Celebrates Each Success Story “I administer CareerScope assessments to clients of the Louisiana Rehabilitation Services. Most […]

Top 5 Elements of a Great Professional Bio

A well-crafted professional biography can make a big difference in how you’re perceived, helping you make a powerful first impression. Here are the top five elements to include: 1. Brief Personal Introduction Start by introducing yourself. This section should include your full name, your current role, and perhaps your area of expertise. You should avoid […]

CareerScope Success Story from House of Hope

We reached out to our counselors and asked them to share a Success Story about their clients and how CareerScope has positively impacted them. Recently, Megan McKeever, Career Coordinator at House of Hope, shared a powerful Success Story. CareerScope Celebrates Each Success Story “CareerScope is more than just an assessment tool. For some of our participants, […]

Utilizing Apprenticeships as Part of Your Career Strategy

Many of our partners and counselors recommend apprenticeships and utilize CareerScope to identify which opportunities might make sense.  ‍ Many individuals looking to change careers pursue internships. While internships are very helpful, they are not the only option. Apprenticeship programs provide dedicated training, mentorship, pay, and typically lead to a full-time job. Internships, although helpful, […]

Is Your Company Delivering a Great Experience for Interns?

Ensuring a positive intern experience is pivotal to a company’s reputation and its capacity to attract future talent. It begins with a meticulous hiring process that includes a transparent job description accurately outlining responsibilities and qualifications. This transparency attracts the right candidates who understand the company’s culture and their potential tasks. Moreover, treating interns as […]

Embracing AI: Overcoming My ChatGPT Fears

By Krista Biesecker At CareerScope, we’re always on the lookout for innovative ways to boost our efficiency and “work smarter, not harder”. That’s where AI comes into play, offering us powerful tools to streamline our workflows and unleash our creativity. But I have to admit, when I first encountered ChatGPT, I had my reservations. I […]