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CareerScope Podcast – Why Unaudited AI is Bad AI

Welcome to the CareerScope Podcast, your gateway to exploring the dynamic landscape of career counseling. In this episode, Amanda Steinberg engages in a thought-provoking discussion with Gemma Galdon Clavell, PhD, the CEO and founder of Together, they delve deep into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and workforce development, shedding light on its promises, challenges, and ethical implications.

CareerScope Success Story: SkillSource

Kristine Ringsrud, System Administrator at SkillSource in the state of Washington shares her CareerScope success story.  SkillSource has been a CareerScope customer since 2002, delivering more than 18,000 assessments to job seekers in the wake of job loss trauma. *** “Our clients arrive at SkillSource seeking help with employment, often grappling with overwhelming fear. They’ve […]

Get the Guide: Career Counseling in the Year 2034

CareerScope is proud to announce our first of many guides to prepare you for the future of career counseling. Download the guide here: Career Counseling in 2034, Technology Guide. Join us on this imaginative journey to the year 2034 to discover what the career planning profession might look like in the future. Consider this: ➜ […]

Top 10 Apps for Career Development

As we head into the end of the year and begin thinking about plans for next year, tools can make a big difference in tracking our goals and actions. Here are some of our top career development and growth apps. Add your favorites in the comments! Top 10 Apps for Career Development Headspace – we know […]

Key Career Resources for Individuals with Disabilities

Finding the right career resources for individuals with disabilities can be critical for their success and empowerment in the job market. There are several key resources and platforms designed to support job seekers with disabilities. “In 2022, about 21 percent of people with a disability in the U.S. were employed, up from about 19 percent […]

Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies Provide More than Career Counseling

Every state has a vocational rehabilitation agency designed to assist individuals with disabilities in obtaining employment. These agencies offer services like career counseling, job training, and workplace accommodation guidance. We want to highlight the great work of select agencies across the country. We value our partnerships with VR agencies and help maximize the efficiency and […]

5 Ways Workforce Development Programs Support Those in Transition

Many of our Workforce Development partners and counselors utilize CareerScope as a first step in the career planning process. In celebration of Workforce Development Month, we wanted to highlight the breadth of programs in place to support individuals in transition and recognize the value these programs bring. Workforce development programs equip individuals with the necessary […]