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Amplifying Counselor Success: The Reinvented CareerScope

The world of career assessment and exploration just got an upgrade! The all-new CareerScope is specifically designed to align seamlessly with counselor workflows and transform the way you and your clients navigate career exploration. The re-envisioned management console centralizes essential information, from portal setup to report downloads, into one easy-to-navigate space.

One-Stop Shop Saves Time

The Dashboard is your first point of contact with the management console. It presents a quick overview of your portal, crucial information such as available assessment balance and subscription dates, as well as links to our latest news and insights. And if you ever need assistance, the Help section is readily accessible with Quick Guide tutorials and a direct link to contact our Support team.

Real-Time Progress Reports

Imagine being able to invite students, clients, and participants to take the CareerScope assessment while monitoring their progress in real time – that’s exactly what the Assess tab offers. Our invitation process allows you to send assessments for clients to complete when and where they want, while allowing you to keep tabs in real-time on any outstanding invitations. Whether you’re assessing one person or a group, you can view each person’s completion status – both their progress on the interest inventory and which aptitude exercise they’ve recently completed.

Easy Access to Career Insights

The Discover tab is the heart of the platform, presenting a sortable list of all individuals who have completed the CareerScope assessment. One click on an evaluee name takes you to their overview screen to start the counseling and exploration process. Here, you can navigate their detailed assessment results, see clearly how their interests and aptitudes align with the latest O*NET occupations with links for further research, view and adjust individual report settings, and even download reports.

User-Friendly Admin and Management

The User Menu serves as a gateway to features like your User Profile, default settings for assessments and reports, portal security settings, and the Managers screen where you can invite and view portal managers and the status of their assigned evaluees. 

CareerScope was built with your professional needs and efficiency in mind, allowing you to make the most of your counseling and exploration time with your clients.  With Quick Guide tours, a new Facebook group and our award-winning support, we make it easy to take advantage of all of the features in the new CareerScope. Stay tuned for even more exciting new features releasing this year!

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About CareerScope

Since 1963, Vocational Research Institute has been developing solutions that enhance career and educational planning, improve employability, and result in better opportunities and more positive outcomes for individuals. CareerScope was developed and released in 1996 based on decades of occupational research and insights. Our assessment plays a central role in the success of our partners and their clients, which is why we rebranded VRI to CareerScope. Our mission is to enable our partners to help their clients “discover their path.”   

CareerScope is the assessment of choice for over 1000 organizations across the country, impacting over one million career seekers.