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CareerScope Platform

Interest Inventory

Measures curiosity and motivation.

Aptitude Exercises

Measure ability and strengths.

Counselor Portal

Delivers administrative control and reports.

Interest Inventory

Time to complete: 15 to 30 minutes

The Interest Inventory measures what sparks job seekers’ enthusiasm, curiosity, and motivation. It consists of 141 questions tied to 12 interest areas. Specifically, you learn:

  • What fields they are drawn to, such as business, artistic fields, science, or manufacturing.
  • What roles they are drawn to, such as leadership, sales, or hands-on production.
  • How they like to work with others. For example, do they see themselves as service providers supporting or protecting people, administrators crunching numbers or organizing paperwork, or as hands-on workers, rolling up their sleeves and building things?

Aptitude Exercises

Time to complete: 24 minutes

The Aptitude Exercises measure job seekers’ potential to learn specific tasks, regardless of existing skills or experience. Aptitude measurement is one way to predict career pathway success through objective understanding of fundamental strengths and abilities.

Your client completes 7 modules that evaluate how well they understand patterns, attention to detail, written language, math, forms and shapes.

Counselor Portal​

Our administrative portal gives you and your colleagues the ability to manage individual assessments and view individual results, reports, and recommendations.

CareerScope’s platform analyzes a person’s specific interests and aptitudes to recommend careers and specific job titles where they have the most potential for success.

Our career recommendation engine pulls from three datasources:

U.S. Dept. of Labor GOE/DOT Classification

The Guide for Occupational Exploration and Dictionary of Occupational Titles datasources maximize the benefit of the full interest spectrum.

U.S. Dept. of Labor O*NET Database

Occupational Information Network contains hundreds of job definitions.

U.S. Dept. of Education’s Career Cluster and Pathway System

Delivers industry-specific clusters, pathways, and specialties.

Trusted Across Industries

‍CareerScope Reports are commonly used...

In proposals to provide data in order to obtain grants and funding

To help organizations fulfill state educational standards and requirements

In court cases and legal proceedings to verify disability or special needs status


Features and Options

The CareerScope platform brings together future-forward business intelligence grounded in 60 years of service, research and use cases.

Immediate Scoring

CareerScope's assessment results are available immediately, delivered in multiple reports for you and your client.

Developmental Scoring

Our science is founded upon research conducted by both the U.S. Department of Labor and Vocational Research Institute on differences in the aptitude scores of adolescents and adults. CareerScope adjusts younger evaluees' scores in order to project adult performance.

Detailed Reporting

Reports can be previewed and downloaded individually or in groups, or directly from the workstation upon completion.

Timed and Untimed Options

Our assessments are timed by default. This function can can be turned off for individuals who need more time to complete the exercises.

Audio Prompts

Turn on audio guides for exercise instructions for hearing impaired or anyone who may need it.

Interest alone is not enough.

People succeed at work and in school when they have high INTEREST in what they are doing and the ABILITY to learn whatever skills are required to perform. Interests often change over time, while aptitudes (our natural strengths) remain far more consistent. In today’s high growth and high replacement occupations, aptitudes are a critical part of making precise career planning recommendations.

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