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CareerScope Webinar Series

Communication Insights for Counselors in the Age of Digital Distraction

Wednesday, October 11
12pm ET – 1pm ET

Buzz buzz…you have a new notification!

We know how hard it is to resist toggling between screens during work. The temptation is real.

And we know what’s also true. Being present is best for everyone — for your colleagues, your clients, and your own mental health and happiness. But HOW do you shift your thinking to be fully present and feel good about it?

Georgetown Communications Professor Jeanine W. Turner has the answers. Don’t miss this opportunity to join her live in this intimate, conversational 1 hour workshop.  Professor Turner will draw on her 30 years of research on how digital technologies have influenced the way we are socially present and communicate, and will share strategies for being truly present with others in a time of digital distraction.

How you communicate with your clients — especially now that screens and notifications are everywhere — matters more than ever because you have to be more intentional about it.

You will leave this webinar with a new toolkit of ideas and tactics you can draw on instantly to build strong connections and relationships with your clients.

–How to create inviting, safe spaces for you and your clients
–Strategies for engaging with clients when they feel most vulnerable
–New ways to communicate that build trust and connection  

Even if you’ve learned some of these ideas before, we all benefit from reminders and a new sense of possibility that emerges when we are present, aware, and connected.

Wednesday, October 11
12pm ET – 1pm ET