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Now that you have your CareerScope Assessment Report and career recommendations, you may be wondering… what’s next? We invite you to book a one-on-one live session with our Career Advisor, Krista Biesecker.

Hi! I’m Krista Biesecker, your Career Advisor and guide. I’ve worked for CareerScope for 25 years, immersed in the world of career counseling to help people discover their best-fit careers. My passion lies in understanding a person’s unique strengths and interests, and it’s this passion that has driven my research, development, and service through CareerScope. My journey in this field has been rich and varied including years of psychiatric research that grounded my understanding of human behavior. 

With a Master’s in Secondary School Counseling from Villanova University and a Bachelor’s in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania, I’m equipped with the knowledge to guide you. 

Meet with me one-on-one to review your recommendations and determine how you will use them to take your best next step.

Ready to book your individual session with Krista?

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